Loose Lead Walking + Recall Package

Who is this Package for?

The Loose Lead Walking + Recall Package is for anyone who wants a dog to come to them no matter the distractions, i.e. dogs, squirrels, people, etc.

How many Sessions take place?

This package contains between 5 – 8 sessions, depending on the capabilities of your dog and your commitment outside of the sessions. 

How long is each one to one Session?

Each one to one session is between 60 – 90 minutes long.

Age of Your Dog

Your dog must be at least 6 months old to do this package.

What does this package cover?

This package covers:

  1. Loose Lead Walking
  2. Heel Walking (On Lead)
  3. Foundational Sit Stay (On Lead)
  4. Foundational Place Stay (On Lead)
  5. Recall (On and OFF Lead)

What is the cost of this package?

The cost is £525. This includes the cost of any tools that are required to achieve on and off lead obedience.